Monday, March 26, 2007

3) Spiritual Perspectives

Where to go from here? Ideally, if a person fully understands the implications of what I've just written - no, not the Site Guidelines 8-) - nothing more needs to be said. The ideas of personal doer ship and separate identity would naturally dissolve, and all would be good. So, separate identity - I guess that's where I should go next. That should clarify why it is that we do not already know that we are the Infinite, and not limited to the tiny speck of protoplasm we call our body. It will also lead to many other good things.

First I should clarify an issue that often causes a lot of confusion when discussing spiritual matters. That is 'perspective'. Everyone has their own perspective, but in the sense I am using it, it refers to two global sorts of perspectives. Many will be completely familiar with them. One is an ultimate perspective of non-duality, wherein it is understood that there is no multiple (or even two) existences, but only the one Infinite Consciousness we call"God". The other is the perspective of there being the Infinite, and then there is all else, which is comprised of innumerable separate existences we generally perceive as our reality. This is known as dualism. So, we have the non-dual and the dual perspectives.

There are some incremental variations that fall between these two that one evolves through as ones consciousness expands to more comprehensive, or higher, states, but unless otherwise stated, I will use the dualistic perspective. This is so that I will be writing more in line with the perspective most people exist in, including myself. I recall a joke a man here in India told me that sort of fits this division of perspectives and clarifies the difference between the people who's nature lies within one or the other. The joke goes, "Everyone is wise. Some are truly wise, and the rest are otherwise." Being one of the "otherwise" myself, and from a spiritual perspective, most are, I will generally use the "otherwise", or dualistic perspective to try and bring some understanding to bear on the "truly wise", non-dual perspective, as much as I think I understand of it. I find being "otherwise" sucks.

Well, this post is pretty long already, so I'll continue with the separate identity thing in the next post. See you then !


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